Algebra 1

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Algebra is a branch of mathematics that substitutes letters (called variables) for unknown numbers.

An algebraic equation equates two expressions. It can be thought of as a scale that must remain in balance. That is, whatever is done to one side of the equation (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) must be done to the other side.

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Minnis, a native of Long Island, Bahamas, who attended NGM High School where the love of education was fostered. Minnis received a Bachelors degree in Mathematics Education at the College of the Bahamas. She is an experienced Math educator with over eight years of experience teaching at Bahamian secondary schools. She is a certified AP-Calculus instructor with years of experience teaching Math BJC, BGCSE, SAT and AP.  Minnis is a passionate, dedicated, and creative teacher who is passionate about her subject area.  She has a goal to unravel any academic problem with her students and further build connections, finding strength and success in collaborative learning and effort.
$ 90.00

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