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This course focuses on the English BGCSE Paper 1, placing particular emphasis on the structure and development of a persuasive essay. This course will give its students the means to write a paper which formulates such an argument by harnessing their current writing skills and teaching them critical steps to writing a good persuasive paper both with and without outside sources. To do so, students will study examples of well-written persuasive essays, learning from them important rhetorical strategies, grammatical conventions and the like. Students will also be taught how to write effective thesis statements, how to develop body paragraphs using topic sentences. In addition, students will also learn how to effectively summarize their arguments into a concluding paragraph whereby they should have mastered the craft of persuasive writing.


Use comprehension strategies to assess critical work and examples of well-written persuasive essays;

Identify topic, main ideas and supporting details of well-written persuasive essays in order to learn those skills.

Identify rhetorical modes to enhance comprehension and effective writer’s techniques;

Apply critical thinking skills to the reading and writing processes;

Use proper diction, grammar and syntax in the writing of essays;

Identify and master writing thesis statements;

Use proper referencing strategies;

Demonstrate an ability to summarize information, write appropriate introductions, body paragraphs and conclusions;

Apply basic rhetoric skills in writing essays.

Course Syllabus: New Persuasive Wrting Syllabus TTS Neia Mills

Course Features

  • Lectures 15
  • Quizzes 2
  • Duration 50 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Yes

Neia Mills holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Language attained at the University of The Bahamas in May 2019. She’s volunteered at the University Writing Centre for two years, helping students to develop their research, writing and critical thinking skills. In addition tot his, has also been teaching English and tutoring since September 2019 on multiple platforms, but predominantly in the classroom. Nea has experience teaching a variety of students from various ages, walks of life, learning styles and capacities, working in one on one and small group sessions, teaching Enlgish to students from 7th-12 grade English; and general tutoring to students from grades 3-12. Neia’s passions include creative writing, reading, singing, and acting. She has shared her poetry in public forums doing creative arts showcases with Tingum Collective, the UB Writing Club. Neia has also performed in various acting showcases with the Bahamas Artists Movement (BAM). She takes pride in her work and in helping others, working to the best of her ability in all things. Neia looks forward to endowing her future students with an appreciation for academic writing.

$ 100.00 $ 45.00

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