BJC English Paper 2: Usage and Comprehension

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This course will expose students to the information and skills needed to successfully complete Paper 2 of the English BJC exam. Paper 2 assesses students’ skills in terms of listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar/usage, and directed writing. Therefore, this course is designed to give students the background knowledge needed to build these skills, while also giving them the opportunity to practice their skills in various self-check exercises, graded assignments and quizzes.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify and understand key terms used in comprehension questions
  • Take notes after and during listening to a recording
  • State basic recall information
  • Quote particular information
  • Critically analyze the deeper meaning of a word, phrase, or sentence
  • Identify the main idea of a passage or paragraph
  • Discuss the suitability of a passage’s title
  • State the purpose of a paragraph or passage
  • Define a word/phrase as used in the context of the passage
  • Identify character traits of persons discussed in a passage
  • Provide evidence to support statements and opinions
  • Change words from one part of speech or verb tense to another
  • Correctly spell words when changing part of speech or verb tense
  • Effectively write a response to a passage using a particular form
  • Paraphrase information from a passage

Course Syllabus: tts paper 2 usage and comprehension syllabus

Course Features

  • Lectures 28
  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration 15
  • Skill level BJC Beginner
  • Language English
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Yes
$ 75.00 $ 40.00

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