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No. The Tutoring Station (TTS) caters to traditional as well as non-traditional students so that means that anyone looking to gain more insight and expertise on a particular subject can enroll in courses. We offer a wide range of courses, hope to meet the learning needs of all persons within our nation.
The Tutoring Station boasts a number of subjects including English, Math, Spanish, French, Grammar, ESL, Accounts, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Interfaith, Business & Finance (Financial Analysis, Risk Management, Strategic Planning, etc.), Entrepreneurship, Non-Profit Start-Ups, Politics, Nursing, Psychology, Leadership, Self-Help, Music, Literature, Creative Writing (Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Playwriting & Screenwriting), Acting and other forms of Creative or Dramatic Arts.
You primarily need a reliable Internet connection. In addition, when engaging in courses, you will have access to course materials and lessons, which may be relayed through Microsoft Docs, PDFs, Powerpoints, Youtube Videos, Excel Spreadsheets, Zoom, and so forth. Speak with your instructor to find out if you need any additional course materials or software, as requirements will vary from course to course.
Unfortunately, after you complete a course, you will not be able to re-take the course without re-paying for the course and thus beginning a new session.
Yes, you will be able to access TTS courses on your smart phone as well as on your laptop and/or tablet.
TTS offers a variety of courses that range not just in subject or topic, but also in duration.
  • Short-term courses can last from one week to up to five weeks. They are designed to target a single area of development that may be of special interest to a student or that may prove to be a challenge to a student.

  • Long-term courses can last from six weeks to six months or more. These sessions usually are designed to cover a range of subject areas as it affords more time for students to work and learn at a considerable pace.
Plagiarism is an academic violation as it is taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. We at The Tutoring Station strongly discourage plagiarism because we value integrity, honesty, independent thinking and hard work. We also expect students to receive the complete benefits of our services by taking advantage of every learning opportunity while also making practice of facing their limits and maximizing their full potential.
Yes, your personal information and academic record is confidential. Please view our policy regarding privacy here .
Although anyone will have access to sample BGCSE papers, only members will have free access to the complete BGCSE Past Paper library. Membership at TTS costs $99.99/per year.
There are quite a few membership benefits at TTS. These include:
  • Free access to all BJC or BGCSE past papers
  • 3-day flexibility with full refunds on canceled courses
  • Having waiting list privileges for a course that is already filled
  • Discounts on student references
  • Payment exemption on every 5th course
TTS abides by a standard academic grading scale. A passing grade is a 70% or 70 points; the equivalent of the number grade is a letter grade of a C-. Not all courses are graded, but all will have some benchmark of completion. Click HERE to view TTS's grading scale.
Yes, it is possible to fail a TTS course. See grading scale here. We are a non-accredited institution only providing auxiliary educational services; therefore, we do not keep extensive records on students for the purpose of inter-school/college communications. However, a student’s performance can be factored into student references, which is an optional service provided by TTS instructors.
If you have successfully passed a TTS course, aside from making academic progress in a particular subject, you will also receive a passing certificate presented by TTS.
  • Phone operating hours are from 9am to 3pm
  • Instructor operating hours vary, although instructors will regularly check course updates and messages at any time of the day/evening
  • Website operating hours are unlimited
  • .
No, The Tutoring Station is not accredited and so you cannot use your courses for university credit. We also do not provided certified courses at the moment so you will not be able to use course to make progress towards any certificate. We do, however, offer a standard TTS certificate that boast course achievement and completion.
Online learning helps to promote independent learning, it can help saves time and energy used moving from location to location, it can provide more scheduling leniency, it can create academic flexibility as learners set their own pace, and it can offer high-quality instruction at more affordable prices.
Payment for courses and other services on TTS must be purchased online using a debit or credit card. Paypal, as an option, is forthcoming.
When you enroll in an interactive course, you take a course that allows you to engage with an instructor who gives assignments or projects and give you feedback and responses throughout your academic journey within the course. This type, of course, allows you to maintain quality interaction with an experienced instructor or professional during the period of the course.

When you enroll in a non-interactive course, there is no engagement with an instructor. You are simply purchasing content design to relay quality instruction.


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