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Alicia Wallace

Alicia Wallace is a writer and content creator with experience in the business, nonprofit, and education fields. She has written specialized curricula, developed course material, and designed educational games including a board game for a course at the University of Cambridge. Her 2017 publications include A Critical View of Beyoncé’s Formation in Indiana University Press’ film journal Black Camera and Policymaking in a ‘Christian Nation’: Women’s and LGBT+ Rights in The Bahamas’ 2016 Referendum in Oxfam’s Gender & Development journal. Alicia has written a comprehensive sexual education and rights curriculum for high school students, a self-development and life skills program for girls, and a human rights course for young leaders and activists. Alicia also writes fiction and has participated in numerous writing workshops and retreats including the Salt Cay Writers Retreat, Cropper Residential Writers Workshop, and Callaloo Creative Writing Workshop in 2017.