Shandria Evans

Shandria Evans was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. From a young age, Shandria had developed her passion for teaching as she always assisted teachers in and outside of her school. By shadowing and learning from these role models, her passion for teaching grew and she looked for every opportunity to teach as well as inspire the youth. At an early age, Shandria traveled to Canada to attend Acadia University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Accounting at the Fred C. Manning School of Business. Upon receiving her degree in 2019, Shandria has plans to pursue a career in Accounting with a specialization in Forensic Accounting. After spending a few years in this field, Shandria plans to return to her passion for Education and become a teacher. As one of the youngest member on the TTS team, Shandria is excited and very capable of leading her online tutoring courses in Accounting.