The Tutoring Station

The Tutoring Station (TTS) is designed to assist students in the pursuit of academic competency
and excellence. TTS recognizes that academic advising is a critical component of the
educational experience and the success of its students. Through individual and collaborative
relationships with educators, students are best able to define and implement sound educational plans
that are consistent with their personal values, goals, and career plans. A broad network of professionals
and educators exists in support of The Tutoring Station’s mission to provide access,
opportunity, and success for all students. TTS staff includes TTS Executive
Administrator, Curriculum Manager, Website Manager/Administrator, Academic Educators, and
Professionals. Academic educators assist students with concept comprehension, subject
literacy, knowledge transfer, as well as advisement on improving study habits and providing
other basic academic and professional development counseling services.

Mission and Goals

The Tutoring Station supports student learning through quality online instruction provided by experienced
and certified educators who encourage and guide students in the development of their potential as independent learners. Our mission is to promote education throughout the nation by making learning more purposeful, viable, and accessible. We maintain high standards to foster academic achievement and personal success while also emphasizing the importance of academic integrity, commitment, we encourage quality learning by simplifying and diversifying instruction and by addressing areas of deficiencies thus making the experience at The Tutoring Station efficient, well rounded, and meaningful.