PRESS RELEASE: It’s Time to Improve Writing Quality in The Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas – January 2019 –The nation’s first online proofreading and editing company called MasterWriting242 was birth out of the need to address the writing deficiencies of students here in the Bahamas. What initially seemed like a “writing panacea” for the youths in the school community evolved into something more as the company took a natural progression to extend its services and support to meet the writing needs of everyone needing writing assistance in the nation.

For so long, many have complained about the deteriorated quality of writing here in the Bahamas. However, very little has been done on a national level to correct the problem. Yet, the many hangups found in low quality or “bad writing” persists to the point of endorsement. Unfortuantely, these hangups, taking the form of typos, grammatical errors, syntax and structure issues and more, undermine the quality and credibility of a message while also conveying a careless and unprofessional standard. According to proofreaders and editors at MasterWriting242, it is time to take writing more seriously.

We live in a world where communication, especially written communication, is extremely important. Hence, when we write, we as individuals should aim towards perfect standards as best we can, keeping in mind that a lot of our writing, particularly expressed through digital or print mediums like email, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, newspapers, and publications, can have long-lasting and near eternal affects. Moreover, low quality writing within academia and the business world can pose risk, affecting grades, sale and partnership outcomes, and potential opportunities.

Therefore, services from the proofreading and editing industry, become more meaningful and indispensable.

About The Company:

MasterWriting242 is the first online proofreading and editing business here in the Bahamas. Services at this Bahamian-owned company include proofreading, editing, resume writing, content development, and language translations. (At present, translations are available in Spanish, French and Mandarin.) Editing and consultation services for book proposals and manuscripts are also provided to authors and writers.

MasterWriting242 services extend to all individuals, including students, educators, businesses, entrepreneurs, and authors/writers. Services to the general public are not only confidential and professional, but also very affordable. As an online platform, MasterWriting242 campaigns for “better writing” not just here in The Bahamas, but also around the world.

Ernestia Fraser is an author, screenwriter, poet, and educator, who was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. She has received a double B.A. in English and Communication and also an M.F.A. in Creative Writing: Screenwriting. Fraser has accumulated a number of national and international writing awards and has also garnered a number of publications. After spending over seven years teaching at Bahamian high schools and colleges, she developed a keen interest in bettering the quality of education in the country. Through innovative and creative business ventures like MasterWriting242 and The Tutoring Station, Fraser hopes to make a long-lasting impact in the field by affecting both academic achievement and personal success. Fraser is currently living in the Bahamas, working as a part-time editor at MasterWriting242 and an English and creative writing instructor at The Tutoring Station.

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