PRESS RELEASE: Teachers Use New Online Platform to Expand Educational Opportunities in The Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas – January 2019 – Educators and professionals, with varying degrees and skill levels, share their expertise on an interactive online platform called The Tutoring Station (TTS). Seeking to address the diverse learning needs of students in the Bahamas and the wider Caribbean, qualified instructors on the platform offer a wide range of courses based on various subjects that fall in both the traditional and nontraditional categories. Subjects include English, Math, Literature, Science, History, Geography, Spanish, French, Grammar, ESL, Religious Studies, Accounts, Business, Finance, Marketing, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Craetive Writing, Acting, and many more. Courses also vary in duration and price.

Students who are studying for BJC, BGCSE, AP, SAT or other standard examinations can take advantage of the platform. Auxilliary support is also provided to anyone interested in improving their knowledge and understanding of a subject. With courses on Leadership, Business, Entrepreneirship, and Finance, the platform also give educators that chance to promote quality personal and professional development here in the Bahamas. Creative Writing and Dramatic Art courses will also give creative students the opportunity to develop their gifts and skills while also receiving mentorship from professionals in the creative industries.

Although The Tutoring Station has the “242” Bahamian tag, it boasts its offerings and professionalism throughout the globe as the reach on the internet is limitless. With online being the new frontier for the exchange of information and knowledge, The Tutoring Station proves to be a pioneer in the educational field here in the Bahamas.

ABOUT TTS: In 2017, The Tutoring Station started out as a simple concept that accomodated group tutoring. By 2018, it evolved into a comprehensive online platform, which was made available to create better working opportunities teachers. Novel in design, it makes both teaching and learning more efficient and effective in the growing techonological age. For more information about The Tutoring Station, visit the website at

Ernestia Fraser is an author, screenwriter, poet, and educator, who was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. She has received a double B.A. in English and Communication and also an M.F.A. in Creative Writing: Screenwriting. Fraser has accumulated a number of national and international writing awards and has also garnered a number of publications. After spending over seven years teaching at Bahamian high schools and colleges, she developed a keen interest in bettering the quality of education in the country. Through innovative and creative business ventures like MasterWriting242 and The Tutoring Station, Fraser hopes to make a long-lasting impact in the field by affecting both academic achievement and personal success. Fraser is currently living in the Bahamas, working as a part-time editor at MasterWriting242 and an English and creative writing instructor at The Tutoring Station.

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