TWAS-SN Bose Fellowship Programme for Developing Countries’ Scholars

Applications are invited for TWAS-SN Postgraduate Fellowship Programme available for foreign scholars from developing country other than India. Fellowships are awarded in the field of physical sciences.

The aim of the TWAS-SN Bose Fellowship Programme is to enable and encourage academically able students from developing countries.

E. Fraser is an author, screenwriter, poet, and educator, who was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. She has received a double B.A. in English and Communication and also an M.F.A. in Creative Writing: Screenwriting. Fraser has accumulated a number of national and international writing awards and has also garnered a number of publications. After spending over years teaching at Bahamian high schools and colleges, she developed a keen interest in bettering the quality of education in the country. Through innovative and creative business ventures like MasterWriting242 and The Tutoring Station, Fraser hopes to make a long-lasting impact in the field by affecting both academic achievement and personal success.